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This is Water

From video make, The Glossary:

In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. However, the resulting speech didn't become widely known until 3 years later, after his tragic death. It is, without a doubt, some of the best life advice we've ever come across, and perhaps the most simple and elegant explanation of the real value of education. We made this video, built around an abridged version of the original audio recording, with the hopes that the core message of the speech could reach a wider audience who might not have otherwise been interested.

Some videos to enjoy

Been about a month since a post, thought I'd share some videos...

The Social Farter

Who said Canadians weren't funny, huh? Who said that? Yeaaaahhh...

On How to Feel Better

If you're down and need a pick me up, or just need a direction to point, I liked this video.

Sigur Ros

This is just one of those things you really just need to watch all the way through. Metaphors are good like that...

The Division of Gravity

And because I don't want you think life is just roses without thorns...

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To This Day

I'll let the video description from Vimeo speak for the video itself...

To This Day is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan ( called “To This Day”, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.
Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point... A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to 20 second segments that will thread into one fluid voice.
This collaborative volunteer effort demonstrates what a community of caring individuals are capable of when they come together.

And when you get done with that, check out this other video by Shane Koyczan,  Remember How We Forgot.

  1. Find out more about Shane Koyczan on his site: