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JoCo on Snuggies and business models

Walk your own path...

Walk your own path...

Found this via Nick Campbell and his Greyscale Gorilla blog.

When deciding what path your creative career will take, do only what works for you. There are tons of articles and people trying to tell you the right way to do it. I’m sure they are trying to help. But, be careful. It might be THEIR path that they are describing, not yours. Sure, get tons of advice, read plenty of books, and ask everyone’s opinion. Take what works and ignore the rest. When it comes to doing what’s right for you, nobody knows that but… you.

I'm a big proponent of people who get to work and get paid doing what they enjoy doing, especially for the creative crowd. I enjoyed this great post by Jonathan Coulton, famous, to me anyway, for his Portal song and his cover of Baby Got Back .

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Nick Campbell - Becoming Better Than Most

Nick Campbell (Greyscale Gorilla) talks about doing creativity well; that it isn't enough to simply be able to do the actions or to have access to the creative software programs. 

The problem is - how do you stand out? How do you stand out in a world where everything is awesome?" (1)

I, personally, am still trying to figure that, but hopefully this video will encourage you as you pursue your creative interests as well.

  1. Around 3:28 into the video, Nick poses this.

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