Getting Tired...

Keeping your running shoes ready...

Keeping your running shoes ready...

I wanted to write you today. Yesterday, too. But I don't know what to say. In fact, I don't feel like I have much to say about anything right now, like my voice is too tired to speak.

Maybe you're despondent, too. Maybe words never seem like they're enough. Maybe they aren't. Whether this time or last time or the next time, maybe words just can't make it work right.

So if you're getting tired, or if you already are, well, I am, too. And I think it's okay to be tired, and to get tired, from time to time.

Maybe the point of that tiredness is what we continue to do in that moment, and the moment after that. We take our break, and then we get busy with the next thing, and so on... But the time we take away from the busyness, well, it's not always a moment of despondency or tiredness, sometimes it's a moment of enrichment, or enjoyment, of beauty. Don't forget that even though you may be tired now, you don't always feel that way. After all, if you did feel that way, well, that'd be normal and not be "being tired".

The valleys, the peaks, the plateaus, the loneliness, the laughter, the tears, the dancing, all those moments are on the way. So, I guess, just keep riding it out in stride. We'll see what tomorrow brings, won't we?

  1. Can I recommend David Wilcox's "Two Roads Diverge" story followed by the song "Hold it Up to the Light" on his Live Songs and Stories album?
Posted on April 9, 2012 and filed under Moments, Letter.