After it all...


I had a dream the other night, a dream where I was walking past a familiar place, remembering some event that had already taken place between us, only that moment never actually occurred between us. It came to me that this event, this moment, would have occurred, only it was a path not taken.

How do you miss fondness over something that never actually was? Is there some alternate timeline where this did happen? Do such things even exist?

I've long since stopped thinking about you, so I don't know why you entered my dream, or at least, why the thought of you did.

I saw a movie last night. There was a stripper, an estranged father, a child in a coma, a priest in love with a prostitute, and a mortician who couldn't really connect with people. (1) Sounds like the setup to a joke, at least, if they all were to walk into a bar.

Half of the people die and there's this air about the story, this unstoppable force of finality, where the pain and hurt flow like an avalanche and there's nothing you can do about it regardless of what your intention is.

I think that was the point. The avalanche is destined to fall on you, but the avalanche isn't the point. The point is what do you do with your next step.

What will you believe in that next moment?

How will you play the next card drawn?

  1. The film is Powder Blue
Posted on March 29, 2012 and filed under Moments, Letter.